3 Healthy Vegan Cookie Recipes

If you’re like me, and you loooove Christmas and you get ready for it one month in advance, then this is going to be your kind of blog post. And because the holidays are usually filled with unhealthy foods and desserts, why not try these healthier versions of your favourite cookies? An added bonus? They’re […]


FALL-ing for Oxford

One of my favourite seasons is autumn, and one of my favourite cities in the UK is Oxford. So naturally, when you combine the two, you get one very happy Becky. Recently we took a weekend trip to Oxford for a beautiful wedding (as you might have seen if you follow me on social media), […]


From Oslo with Love

I was never really good at history, and it has always bothered me. Although a nerd in school, history was never one of my strong suits. Something about memorising dates and so many other details never seemed worth the effort. However, I’ve begun to understand that history can be learnt through alternative ways. Not through […]


That one time I got lost in nature

I was never a very adventurous person, which was led by my desire to stay in my comfort zone. However, in the past year I have learned that great things never start from comfort zones, so I decided to take risks, to be daring and experience new and exciting things without wondering what others thought […]

PicMonkey Collage copy

Hoping for Summer

Although London is not the warmest place on earth, nice weather is slowly creeping up on us and I cannot be more exited as I finally get to wear my much-loved summer dresses. I spent the day with two of my favourite people, goofing around London, sightseeing and grabbing some delicious food. I wore a […]


Beautycon London

When my Beautycon tickets arrived four days before the event, the realisation I was actually going hit me. I’m an avid youtuber and as you know have a love for all things beautiful. Amongst the ones I was excited to meet was Essiebutton whom I love to watch as she is relatable and down to […]


Easy Vegan Snack Recipes

Doesn’t everyone love a good snack while watching a movie, studying or just out for a picnic? Well I do, but always feel kind of guilty after I munch on chocolate and sugary sweets. My skin doesn’t like it either! So, why not try some healthy versions of your favourite snacks? 1.Raw/vegan Energy balls These […]


Black on black

Being back in England weather has not been kind to my wardrobe, as I miss wearing dresses. However, as always, my go to look is a black and white one. Whether it’s a casual day of studying or a night out, these two are staples in my wardrobe. My favourite piece at the moment is […]


Soaking up the sun

The last month has gone by in a whirlwind and my life has been composed of one event after the other. However, I thought I would share a snippet of my holiday through some photos from a beautiful day in sunny Cluj-Napoca. This city holds many memories of mine, therefore going back home I decided […]


My skincare routine + Favourite products

I have always been very conscious about my skin problems, and never really felt comfortable being “bare-faced”. This has massively changed since I started having a regular skincare routine, using products targeted at my skin type. My skin hasn’t gotten to the point I want it to be yet, but I will eventually get there. […]